TextField autofill

How I do to when put a value in a Textfield, autofill another Textfield with the same value. I try with TextChange but doesn’t work.

What was the code you had used? This should be relatively simple, so it’s likely a misunderstanding with your code.

If you input into TextField1 and you want TextField2 to auto show, add EventHandler TextChange to TextField1 to capture changes there. Put this codes in the TextField1 TextChange EventHandler:

TextField2.Text = TextField1.Text

I have this code in the Textfield2.text. Only I need the value that the user put in this field appear in the Textfield34.text
The code TextField2.Text = TextField34.Text doesn’t work.

dim cantidads as currency = CDbl(TextField2.text)
dim porcientomip as double = CDbl(TextField8.text)
dim total as double =(cantidads * porcientomip) /100
dim totalfinal as String = str((total), “$###,##0.00”)

Label32.text = totalfinal

dim cantidads2 as currency = CDbl(TextField2.text)
dim porcientomip2 as double = CDbl(TextField8.text)
dim total2 as double =(cantidads2 * porcientomip2) /100
dim totalfinal2 as String = str((total2), “$###,##0.00”)

Label33.text = totalfinal2

dim cantidads3 as currency = CDbl(TextField3.text)
dim porcientomip3 as double = CDbl(TextField8.text)
dim total3 as double =(cantidads3 * porcientomip3) /100
dim totalfinal3 as String = str((total3), “$###,##0.00”)

Label34.text = totalfinal3

dim cantidads4 as currency = CDbl(TextField2.text)
dim porcientomip4 as double = CDbl(TextField11.text)
dim total4 as double =(cantidads4 * porcientomip4) /100
dim totalfinal4 as String = str((total4), “$###,##0.00”)

Label40.text = totalfinal4

dim cantidads5 as currency = CDbl(TextField2.text)
dim porcientomip5 as double = CDbl(TextField12.text)
dim total5 as double =(cantidads5 * porcientomip5) /100
dim totalfinal5 as String = str((total5), “$###,##0.00”)

Label41.text = totalfinal5

dim cantidads6 as currency = CDbl(TextField2.text)
dim porcientomip6 as double = CDbl(TextField13.text)
dim total6 as double =(cantidads6 * porcientomip6) /100
dim totalfinal6 as String = str((total6), “$###,##0.00”)

Label42.text = totalfinal6

dim originacion as double = CDbl(Label40.text)
dim descuento as double = CDbl(Label41.text)
dim prepagados as double =CDbl(Label42.text)
dim total7 as double = originacion + descuento + prepagados
dim totalfinal7 as String = str((total7), “$###,##0.00”)

Label43.text = totalfinal7

dim cf as double = CDbl(TextField2.text)
dim interes as double = CDbl(TextField7.text)
dim termino as double = CDbl(TextField6.text)
dim totali as double = interes / 100
dim totalt as double = termino * 12
dim payment as double = Pmt (cf, totali / 12, totalt)
dim totalz as String = str((payment), “$###,##0.00”)

TextField16.text = totalz

Which event ?

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Holy cow you should name your controls.

The event is Textchange

If in TextField2 TextChange event you place :

TextField34.Text = me.Text TextField34.Invalidate

It should work right away.

Work great. Thanks Michel.