TextConverter; EBCDIC_CP273


The TextConverter enables converting between encodings.

Given is an encoding EBCDIC_CP037 → &h0C02.

Does anyone know the hex value for encoding EBCDIC_CP273 ?

Thanks in advance,

would this help ?

https :// IBM Docs
https : //pypi.org/project/ebcdic/

BR Rainer

Thanks a lot for the links.

I tried some numbers in Xojo creating 16384 files; but no correct results unfortunately.

Python would work; but with python I have problems concerning other infrastructure problems…

At the moment, I am saved as sender switches files to ASCII.

BR Hanno

Glad to help you.
BTW : if you want to try it out in the real world

OPT 1: goto pub 400 and get a account
OPT 2: download the environment of open mainframe project.


one more link : http :/. /newsolutions.de/forum-systemi-as400-i5-iseries/

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