TextArea text is lowercase or uppercase?

How to determine if the text of a TextArea is lowercase or uppercase?

Once you have selected the character, use ASC to get its value and you will know…
look the example there:

I extract the first character to see if it’s uppercase or lowercase, but sometimes it’s a number!

if source.Asc  >= 65 and source.Asc <= 90  then
elseif source.Asc  >= 97 and source.Asc <= 122  then

You can use the Compare function of the String to do this. The documentation covers it pretty well here.

Here’s a simple function you can add to your project to determine if a string value is uppercase:

Public Function isUppercase(extends value as String) As Boolean
  return value.Compare( value.Uppercase, ComparisonOptions.CaseSensitive ) = 0
End Function

Add that a module then call it as:

var result as Boolean = TextArea1.Text.isUppercase


var myString as String = "hElLo"
if myString.isUppercase then
  MessageBox( "It's Uppercase!" )
  MessageBox( "It's not Uppercase!" )
end if

Using that as a starting point and with the help of the documentation, you can create an isLowercase method if you wish.

You do not explain the purpose, so my answer is… generic.
If you explain what you want to do, maybe a different answer can be done…

Do you want to distinguish whether it’s a number or not, or whether it’s uppercase or lowercase? You’ve said either at the same time.