TextArea ReadOnly and DropObject event odd behavior

I’m Working with Xojo 2021r1.1 (not sure what happens in older versions)
I stumbled upon an odd TextArea behavior.
When a TextArea is set as Read Only, Drag Enter, DropObject and all related events will not trigger on macOS but will fire up on Windows.

I’m not sure whether macOS or Windows is doing it as intended, I only know it inconsistent between the two.

I’m seeing this with Xojo 2023R1.1. Works OK on Windows and Linux. Events don’t seem to fire on Mac. My issue is with the DesktopCanvas within a DesktopContainer within another DesktopContainer. (It’s a custom implementation of a tab control, drag-drop to move the tabs around doesn’t work on Mac.)

I’ll need to do some more experiments to see if a simpler example shows the same problem. I don’t see an open feedback/issue on this, will create one when I narrow it down a bit.

I think I found the problem … Mac is fussy about the RawData property of the DropObject. I found using “text” works. I think the documentation could use some better examples of this.

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