TextArea not selectable using mouse in 2022r3

TextArea control is not selectable when you click with mouse in 2022r3. I am on wondows 11. Is anybody seeing this issue.

Not seeing any problems here - I was able to single click or double click into the TextArea:

Edit to add: I assume you meant in a running EXE?
Or did you mean selecting a control in the IDE itself?

Its in the IDE itself. Please can you confirm

It’s working here. Have you restarted recently?

Yes i have done. Now i will create a feedback with sample project.

Would you be returning True in the control Mousedown event by any chance ?

But @Sunil wrote: Its in the IDE itself. :wink:

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I found the issue. If you give the TextArea name as ‘notes’ then the issue happens. If you rename to anything else it works. So something that the ‘notes’ is a reserved word. Xojo has to confirm. and it only happens in IDE


If you right-mouse on something in the Navigation Pane, you’ll see you can add a Note to it. That’s probably the issue.

You can add Notes in the IDE, isn’t it ?

That would do it. Any name that the IDE uses in the navigator causes problems like this.

MacOS, Windows, Linux, Methods, Properties, etc. all will cause issues.