Text from iOSCustomTableCell selection

I have a simple iOSCustomTableCell with a iOSLabel named StreetLabel
How do you access the text of StreetLabel when a user clicks on the cell in a multi row iOSCustomTableCell?
I am using the Action event of the iOSCustomTableCell

I have started with this in the custom tables action event

dim cell as iOSCustomTableCell = Me.RowData(section,row).Control

but cannot figure out how to get the text from StreetLabel

The easiest is to store the text in the iOSTableCellData.tag

To specifically answer your question this should help:

[code]Dim cell As iOSTableCellData = me.RowData(section, row)

if cell.Control isa iOSCustomTableCell then

Dim customCell As iOSCustomTableCell = iOSCustomTableCell(cell.Control)
Dim street As Text = customCell.StreetLabel

end if[/code]

@Jeremie Leroy - very nice - thank you