Text encodings between macos and windows?

Hi folks,

I have an app that display windows one after the other, displaying strings made by labels or textareas.
I assume they must be UTF8 encoded as they are made in xojo IDE. the font is default (system).

problem is that they display correctly on a mac (I develop on a mac) but they have encodings error (accentuated french letters are badly displayed) on my client windows 10 machine.
what did I miss ? how can I correct this ?


Can you elaborate on badly displayed? Maybe a screenshot or a small demo project?

will do it but later today… thanks.

problem was in fact in the htmlviewer I send the string to.
the string is encoded in UTF8 and under macos the htmlviewer displays it correctly but not under windows.
c is the string I send to the htmlviewer
I added :

c = "<head> <meta charset=""UTF-8""></head><body>" + c + "</body>"

and now the string is displayed correctly with it’s accentued characters.

stepping through the code with the remotedebugger was fun to have !

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