Text Editor Sample

From RealBasic to Xojo, after more than (maybe) 20 years…
Why is Xojo sold without a working simple Text Editor ? I thought Xojo is meant for beginners…
Visual Studio had this code example since the beginning but I still need hours to understand where I can find a working Ctrl+Z UNDO and Ctrl+Y REDO example that is not payware.
I think this should really be basic functions that should be included in Xojo.
A RAD with no UNDO/REDO is not a RAD

Undo/Redo has been working from the beginning. It’s part of the underlying control, unless you have code that is blocking it. I just pulled up RealStudio 2010 and put a TextArea on the window. Undo/Redo works. (This is on Windows. I cannot speak to Mac or Linux.)

It’s working only with the entire “text block”, belive it or not it’s 2023 and actual app’s must have better UNDO / REDO behaviour. With TextField’s CTRL+Y is not working at all and this is not acceptable! Besides this, an important source code example is missing.

And youi are right: it does not works that way there (for MacOS)

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Now you know it is not really.