Text constant maximum length

Is there a maximum length for dynamic text constants?


I believe its around 2 billion characters assuming you don’t run out of memory first

In a practical sense there isn’t one as your process will run out of memory before you hit the limits

In a real sense there is but its really large
In a 32 bit app the size is limited to the maximum of a Uint32 (about 4Gb)
Your app will run out of memory if you use one this large

In a 64 bit app its a Uint64 (more memory than you can buy or instal in any machine on the planet)

You want to be careful though, the IDE tries to display constants when you hover over them in your code.
I had an issue with a mere 100ish kilobytes of length (from HTMLEdit) bring the IDE down. Like, totally down.

I ended up creating a Function to store the value and return it, just to get the IDE to stop failing.