Text Area Scroll position

Is it possible to set the scroll position in a Text Area?

When I load text into the area it always show the end of the text leaving the top out of sight.

textarea.scrollposition = 0

ScrollPosition isn’t available for an IOSTextArea. I had a case where I had a textarea displaying a log with linefeeds every line. In this case I could use the Split method of Text to adjust and recreate the text content and put that into the textarea, thus controlling what was displayed.

Dim loglines() As Text Dim loglength As Integer = 40 'Limit log to this many lines Dim wrappedlines As Integer = 0 loglines = Characters(CurrentCharacter).Log.Split(Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(13)) If loglines.Ubound > loglength Then 'Truncate For i As Integer = (loglines.Ubound - loglength) To loglines.Ubound If loglines(i).Length > 38 Then 'This line will wrap wrappedlines = wrappedlines + 1 End If Next Do Until loglines.Ubound = loglength - wrappedlines 'Limit log to this many lines loglines.Remove(0) Loop End If LogTextArea.Text = Text.Join(loglines, Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(13))

Thanks Art I will give it a try

Hi Martin,

This will certainly help: https://github.com/jkleroy/iOSDesignExtensions