Text Area formatting

I have a perl script that was written to output data to a log file on a Oracle Solaris Server. I am using xojo to connect via a httpsocket and run a script that will return the contents of the log and I then place that into a TextArea for display on the workstation. The problem is that the formatting of the text and the color (which changes when a process goes down) does not take place. In the perl script I include: use Term:ANSIColor qw(:constants); to enable the output and I also output to the log file so that it is pleasing to read.

Name (32 spaces) Marker (10 spaces) OS-pid (10 spaces) Start Time (8 spaces) Elapsed Time

Is there a way to format the data that is received to appear in this format and embed the color when he process goes down? Any help would be appreciated.

Textarea supports Styled Text (can also parse “some” RTF formatted text)… it does not conform the the ANSI Terminal commands

Thanks Dave, I will look at how to use the styled text.

So is there an example on how to use the Styled Text for formatting data in the textarea. What I have found has been mainly for font, color, and font style. To be able to utilize output for columns I have not seen. I have looked at Regex to see if this is possible. There is a specific pattern on the data that is sent.

hence the use of the word “some” in my reply above. TextArea is NOT a word processor… it is … well a text area…
StyleRuns support font, color, bold, italic and underline for the most part.

Perhaps if you are looking to display tabular data, then a Listbox might be a better choice. Using the TextPaint and BackgroundPaint events, you have 100% complete control over the visual attributes