Text Area Cue Text???

Does anyone know why there is no cue text for a TeatArea? I can’t see why a TextField has one, but a TextArea doesn’t?

I need cue text for my TextArea and am now stumped.

First off… TeatArea is not something we discuss here :slight_smile: (wrong kind of website)

BUT… it does make sense… a TextField is usually used to enter a single thing… a name, a password, a single value of some kind… so Cue Text can indicate WHAT that single thing should be.

TextArea on the other hand is more for bulk text, descriptions, essay, etc… where CueText while it might make sense, I think would be lost in the multiline rendition of a TextArea.

Crappy keyboard ! :slight_smile:

I guess so - just a pain, as I now need to find a way around this minor inconvenience.

Thanks Dave.

How is your pdf thingy coming along?
Also, hope your parent is ok!

My Dad is doing well… thanks…
PDF thingy still stuck with inability to handle images properly.

When I get some time… I will see if I can find some old code I had that “faked” cueText before it was a feature in RealStudio

Glad to hear he is doing ok.

If you get your thingy finished, be sure to let me know, as I am currently using the MBS thingy, but am interested in alternatives, if they are easier to use :slight_smile:

If you want to display a cue text over a textarea, use a label laid over that text area. You can set its text color to grey to make it look cue-ish.

In the mousedown event of the label add

me.visible = false textarea.setfocus

When the user clicks in the label, it disappears

In the TextArea GotFocus event add

CueLabel.visible = False

When the user tabs into the textarea, it hides the cue label

Finally, you want the cue to reappear when the textarea is empty again, like so in the TextChanged event :

if me.Text = "" then CueLabel.visible = Truel