Text Anti-Aliasing in Text Area

I would have thought that there would be some threads already on this subject but couldn’t find any.
My app uses “System” font at “0” “point” in Text Areas (the default settings). I though that should keep me out of trouble with fonts.
But a (Mac App Store) customer has complained about the “blurriness” of the text. I suspect he has vision problems and is very sensitive to the anti-aliasing. He bought a Retina display 13" MacBook (El Capitan) because of his problem. He claims to have other apps which don’t have anti-aliasing “blur.”
When I look at Apple’s own Mail app I see the anti-aliasing. I can see that choosing a larger font helps but that is not an option. I can see that some fonts are better than others but don’t think that solves the problem. Unchecking the System Preferences-General-“Use LCD font smoothing when available” box changes font display but doesn’t really help.
Anybody have suggestions for this issue?

If you app is not Retina able, he will indeed see a 72 dpi version of the font that looks blurry on a 144 dpi Retina display. You should try compiling your app with 2016R1.1 with HiDPI Support switched on the the Shared Build Settings. That way fonts will automatically be much crisper on a Retina display without doing anything else.

Of course full Retina support means also managing 2x pictures, but you can do that later.