Text Align Default vs Left question

For Web Text Field the Text Align options are: Default, Left, Center and Right

Question: Is Default always the same as Left?

  • If yes, why not just have Left, Center, and Right?
  • If not, when can Default be different than Left?

I think that ‘default’=‘left’ when writing left to right, for languages RTL such as Arabic (right to left) ‘default’ would mean ‘right’.
To be verified.

Default means “what the current context rules”. Usually your control will “inherit” a default align:left (or whatever your context of language / location / block takes), but something could change it and you could force some specific alignment to another field inside such context. Like having a default for a table but you choose something else for one cell.

In HTML, Inside a typical th block, the default align-text is center, but inside a td block, the default is left, for example.

But in this case, as Olivier stated, Default has to do with the language being shown.

Well, it means that Xojo have its own definition of alignment control. Default alignment for a usual web DOM is “omit the explicit definition”, let the context inheritance take over. I presume that Xojo define and control explicitly all the text alignments by its own, so, that makes Alberto’s question valid, making Xojo alignment “default” kind of hard to understand. So, based on your explanation, I presume “left” for almost all languages, and “right” for some like Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish (Sorani), Persian (Farsi) and Urdu. Never “center”, this way.