text align at code in report

Hi all, I have a report that i have a table of info printed on.
Description - Quantity - Price.

After the items i add another item which is just some text (billing period).
I add this by adding the text as an item in the db and set quantity and price to 0.
In the before print event of the price and quantity fields i have this code:

if me.text = “0” then
me.text = " "
end if

This makes the field print blank instead of a 0

I also wish to make the description field (which is left aligned) centred under a certain condition.
I figured I could do similar to the price field and in the before print event of the description field have:

if left(me.text,7) = “Billing” then
me.textalign = 1 or center or whatever the value needed to represent centred.
end if

This does not work, as i don’t believe that texturing has an assignable property, it is only there to lookup what it is, but can’t change it.

Is there a way to do this?