Testing the IOS option. Is an IOS licence required?

Do you have to have a full IOS licence to test the IOS functionality or can you test using just the simulator? I may have the need to develop for IOS in the future and would like to see what benefits Xojo offers before buying the licence, so it would be nice to be able to test. However the Run and Build buttons are greyed out and don’t do anything so it looks as though it is disabled. With Mac, Windows etc you can run but not build if you don’t have a licence so I had assumed the same for IOS.

Hi Chris - no need for a license to run test builds in the simulator. You do, however, need to install Xcode, run it, and accept the license agreement, to get things set up. There’s a general iOS tutorial at iOS Tutorial — Xojo documentation should you need it.

By the way, the iOS license is now the “Mobile” license, as it also includes Android, at no additional cost.

Hi @Chris_Mower,

I don’t know if it is your case… but for iOS development you need to run the IDE on a Mac.

Thanks Gavin. I have the Xcode software installed as per the documents and the video, and have created the app from the document. What I find is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually run it as the Run button doesn’t work. Is there a step I have missed?
I have the Desktop licence and have been building apps for both Mac and Windows so far. I write software for Non-Profit/Charities and have found Xojo great for that. IOS is not a priority at the moment but could be soon, hence my interest in testing.
I am running the test on a Mac Mini M2Pro.

Are Simulators listed under Project > Run On… menu? If not, probably you need to install some of these from Xcode (I assume you’ve executed Xcode at least once and installed the iOS SDK).

Also, maybe you can find this blog post helpful: Handling iOS Simulators in Xcode and Xojo – Xojo Programming Blog

OK problem solved. You seem to need to reboot th computer after installing the Xcode stuff for the run button to work. Many thanks for the help everyone.