testing feedback

just need to post this here to test case <https://xojo.com/issue/55827> and how to get the same case opened more than once in the sidebar

I reported this in a private case (I was commenting about a closed case and added the duplicate problem). It is marked as reproducible.

you should ask that yours be merged with this one or vice versa
either way this should be public

I commented on mine that your explanation for the duplicate issue is more clear.
I have other issue/info on the same private case related to 55449, this one is public.

ah fair enough then

I saw this and replicated the issue and updated the case (on Windows)

However if Xojo are going to replace feedback with a web version using web 2.0 is there any point?

since that wont happen until sometime around when web 2.0 is shipping (or about to ship) I’d say there is

otherwise you get into “oh we dont have to fix that a we’re going do do X soon” and soon could be a long time out
or not

no one has said “we expect to ship web 2.0 this year” or next or … anything as far as I know

Lucky I updated the case then :slight_smile: