Testing Desktop Apps

I’ve written an iOS app, which is currently being tested (one user).
It’s supposed to work with a companion desktop app. I’m ready to send a (very early) version to my tester.

Given that things are so locked down now, what’s the best way for me to deliver the app so he can easily install and run it?

Need to know for both Mac and Windows.

Note: I’ve searched a bit. I’m sure the information is here somewhere, but I haven’t found it.

For macOS you can do a dmg. In most cases a pkg is not needed. I use DropDMG. There is also DMG Canvas. AppWrapper integrates with both apps. You do codesign and notarisation of your Mac app, don’t you?

The problem is that I haven’t actually ever had a user use a Mac app. All the desktop apps I’ve written have been for myself. Been doing Web and iOS.

I think my next step is to check the docs.


You can also just zip the Mac app.

For Windows I like to make an installer with InnoSetup, so users don’t have to mess with copying the folders of Libs etc and making sure they’re in the same directory as the exe.