Testing against Windows AntiVirus

In the old days, both Parallels and VMWare Fusion shipped with antivirus software that you could install easily (Virtual Machine/ Install XYZ Antivirus…). This was useful for testing Xojo apps against.

Recent versions of Parallels and Fusion don’t seem to have this option any longer.

Can anyone reccommend a good Antivirus software to test on Windows VMs? And by “good” I think I really mean “bad” - in other words I want the AV software to be intrusive, nasty, and cause lots of problems for Xojo apps.

But I’d also like it to be safe, not malware, easy to install/uninstall, and cheap or free to test.



Avast is pure 110% crap. It routinely decides that an app cannot run. I have had loads of support calls because of that nuisance.

Focus on the free ones, Avast, Avira and AVG

+1 for Avast being terrible. Smartscreen is getting there too…
Anything that uses ‘reputation services’ (we never heard of the software so we’ll just disable it with a ludicrously scary message because it isn’t from Adobe or Microsoft)

Note that Avast has a white listing service. I used it, and since, it seems (knock on wood) it no longer screams when it sees my apps.