TestFlight experience

If you are interested, two issues occurred when trying to set up an app via Testfight.
Apart from all the business and contact details, privacy policy etc (which seem over the top for testers)

After uploading, Apple emailed to say it was ‘good to go’
But it still couldnt be downloaded by testers: ‘no builds available’
Testers were seeing a message to say ‘Missing Compliance’
This proves to be a question about ‘does the app use encryption’, so I had to go to App Connect , select the app, ‘amend’ and confirm it didnt use encryption.

After that , a yellow triangle ’ Complete test information is required to submit a build for external testing’

All the fields required were completed, including pointless ones such as licence information and testing information.

The fix for this one was to add a non-existent user name and password , and tick the ‘SignIn required’ box
Then remove the user name and password, and untick the ‘SignIn Required’ box
Then save.

Just in case this helps anyone else.