TestFlight Distribution Profiling Problems


I’m getting the following error:

When I try to build an app for the App Store.

Does anyone know why this error might be occurring (I believe I created the provision correctly and for iPhone Distribution, but I can’t be sure)


I spent hours yesterday trying to solve this exact problem but for Xcode/Swift

I had to create a NEW APP entry in Apple Connect before I did anything
then I had to make the provision profile for the apps bundle id… it kept wanting to make a DEV profile, I finally got a DIST one.

and of course had to tell Xcode my Dev Team information.

I know you are using Xojo, but perhaps there is a crumb in what I said that might help.

It is amazing how convoluted Apple makes this process

Sam mentioned there were some issues with Apples servers going on and it was being widely talked about on Apple dev forums

Possibly still continuing

Well all I can say, it once I found the right combination, I had no problem recompiling and uploading to TestFlight… and did it with 3 different versions over the course of the afternoon. It was just finding the right stuff to start with

Thanks Guys. I’ll try that and update

No luck, I’m afraid. I also tried to remove the identifier, and I was told it appear Apple Store was using it and to try again later - not sure if that means anything, but I’m getting the same error :frowning:

Thanks again for any help

Many Thanks Jeremie (Leroy) for your selfless time helping me off-line!

My problem was due to my profiles being incorrectly configured. All sorted now :slight_smile: