Testers wanted for LBMSoftLib

Hiya community !!,

Need some testers for a library, please open the project, run test unit, give some sugar (feedback) Windows/Mac/Linux from RealStudio 2011r4.3 to Xojo 2017r2 (console… maybe, but not tested)

The library has many items from controls (colorPicker, fontPicker…) to crypto (blake2b, salsa20, chacha20 and others in pure xojo, NO PLUGINS!), SVGDocument (open create and convert to group2D), json serialization. Look the XojoUnit* .

I appreciate your input!

Tried two things on my iMac 2009 2.8 GHz i7 8 GB RAM MacOS Sierra 10.12.6:

Pickers -> Select Colour -> Predefined -> Mouse scroll not working?

Pickers -> Event Select Colour -> selected colour turns up in the Select Colour instead -> “Huh? Did I not click on Event Select Colour?” -> close colour picker, click on Event Select Colour again -> crashes with “An exception of class RuntimeException was not handled. The application must shut down.”
No error handling / bug reporting implemented???
Further compilation fails with "A file system error occurred (#104) for ““LBMSoftTests.debug”” … as the debug app is not deleted.

I stopped there.

thanks so much, Markus, I see what is wrong with pickers in Mac, in fact, I use for windows, because mac has a good color picker, thanks again.

About error handing… I have some, but not for these particular case… plop!

There is no “U” in Color :smiley:

in American English

hence the :smiley:



Hello testers, thanks for coders to expend time in testing, I appreciate that.

New release here, please open project, run, and click in “Run” for unit testing, I fix some issues and add CipherAes, poly1305 (doesn’t works properly yet) and Animator and console unit testing, I need feedback!!

thanks to all for reading and run it.

I added AES CBC with Padded (PKCS5, zeros, etc) and full Zip support (winzipAES and others), again need testers, I working on projects that need high security (with my possibilities), review by peers (bugs and vectors threads). Please PM me if you are interested.

Is this for sale, is the code somewhere?