Testers Needed - ExeWrapper Without Homebrew

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working to get ExeWrapper ready for Catalina, and as it turns out a side effect of the update is that ExeWrapper no longer requires Homebrew! I’m looking for anything that might be unexpected with this change, so I’m hoping to get some community feedback :slight_smile:

This beta version has been signed and notarized, so please feel free to try Catalina. Without needing Homebrew, ExeWrapper is able to support 10.11 - so 10.11 is fair game as well.

If you have any interest in this update, or if you like to break things please download the beta version: https://exewrapper.com/beta.zip

Please let me know if something goes wrong! All feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Thrilled that ExeWrapper no longer requires Homebrew. It was already a great app but it will be a part of my regular workflow now.

(Bonus points for cross-platform developers examining how Tim lays out a Mac UI, including the MenuBar and Preferences and About windows. This is how you do a Mac app.)

This looks great Tim.

One concern, I don’t see you mentioning if it will build an installer… I could see this being very tough to do but without installer builds, we still need to run it through Windows…

ExeWrapper only offers code signing.

ExeWrapper may not fit into every workflow.

fair enough, thanks

looks like a great tool nonetheless