Test my game on MacOS and Linux


I’m curious to see if everything works fine on Linux and Mac, since I cannot check it myself because I only have Windows I’m sharing the links hoping
someone takes the time to see it.
It’s the falling blocks game I posted a while back, it’s made 100% with Xojo of course

Mac link:

Linux folder link:


How am I supposed to play? I only see a start button.

May I strongly recommend you install a virtual machine environment on your PC.

You can download VirtualBox for free from virtualbox.org

You will then be able to run Linux, such as Linux Mint.

In spite of Virtual box allowing installation of MacOS, this is forbidden by Apple terms of service, and even if you can find how tos on the Internet, it may not be that simple.

The most important IMHO is that you get familiar with Linux, as it is close to Windows in terms of UI, but yet an interesting system to discover.

yes you can click the start button and the game starts

It works on Mac, but I think the game needs some attention.

  • Falling blocks stop while the matched blocks animate out.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a check that items do indeed have matches, as I’ve had 63 sitting in the corner here the entire game.
  • You can’t match two equal equations (44 and 82 should match)
  • You can’t start or pause the game from the interface (you must use the menu to start)

Thanks Tim for taking the time to check it out.

I don’t understand what you mean

Tested on linux. Don’t know how to play this game. It’s falling so fast. How can we control the block?

You just match the blocks for example 5x2 with 10 and so on…

Asis, you click on two blocks which match and they go away.
Horacio, as mentioned, I would slow down the falling of the blocks for a better animation. Why not make narrower and, thus, more blocks. You don’t need them to be this wide. I’m sure you’ll improve the UI with more color, etc before release. You might want to also add some sounds for better game experience. Also, don’t forget to sign the code before releasing to the general public. Good luck.

The blox are so wide because I really thought it for words and sentences rather than numbers, I put numbers on the fly so it could be tested by anyone from any language.
I’m afraid the speed depends on the machine and OS even if I used timers and not the “while-wend system” , on Windows the speed is reasonable.

While-Wend just means the computer is moving the blocks as fast as it can. This is what we’re telling you. That’s too fast for a good visual effect. Use a timer to control the speed of your blocks.

they don’t go away in Linux