Terminal error running console app from IDE

Hello, it’s been awhile.
Terminal is giving this error when I run a console app from the IDE (2017R3). "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal. Failed to execute child process “bash -c /home/rc/Documents/Xojo\\\ Projects/Debugaddnums/Debugaddnums\ " (No such file or directory)”. Sounds like a permission problem but the debug folder is transient so it’s pointless for me to change permissions in it. Any ideas?
Also, I’m not understanding that path shown in the error. Doesn’t look right.
Mint 18.3 (mate 64bit)

Too many backslashes in the path There should only be one between Xojo and Projects and no backslash or space on the end.

/home/rc/Documents/Xojo\\ Projects/Debugaddnums/Debugaddnums

The weird path must be Terminal showing a shorthand path. I shortened up the path to the project. Now the path looks right in Terminal’s error message. "Failed to execute child process "bash -c /home/rc/Projex/Debugadd/Debugadd\ " (No such file or directory).

It’s strange that the IDE isn’t giving an error message. It’s just sitting there like the project’s running.

You still have that bad "\ " on the end of the path.

That’s what Xojo is handing Terminal. Look’s like a bug. I’ll check on some other Mint systems I have laying around.

How are you getting the path from Xojo? Your code would help answer the question.

It’s a known issue in 2017r3 that will be fixed in the upcoming 2018r1 release.

@Joe Ranieri - mind sharing? I use a lot of folderitem.nativepath to pass file paths to shell operations and have never seen this.

It’s restricted to launching console apps from the Linux IDE.

Thanks for letting me know Joe.