Ten months till XDC 2021 in London

Just ten months till the XDC 2021 in London, England. Tickets are still available for $650 USD till 30th June 2020 instead of $950 later.

It will be held April 21-23, 2021 in London, England at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury. This conferences is the best place to meet Xojo developers from around the world in real live, make contacts, present yourself as expert and learn what is new in Xojo. Tickets are available in the Xojo store and if you bring your partner, you can order an extra guest ticket for the dinner events.

Check out the conference highlights video if you want to see what it’s like - or ask one of the many attendees from the forum!

Wether you are full or part time Xojo developer, this is your chance to learn all about the Web 2.0 framework, the Android progress and what’s new in the Xojo world.

To get there, please use public transportation. The piccadilly line brings you right from Heathrow Airport to Russell Square Station, just next to the hotel. That trip should cost about 3 £ and you may just pay by tap in/out with your NFC enabled credit card. Otherwise buy an Oyster card and load money on it if you don’t have such a card. If you come by Eurostar train through the tunnel from France, you can exit Pancras station and just walk to the hotel. Otherwise take one station via subway to Russell Square Station. That station is right behind the hotel block.

See you soon there!

Two more registrations came in! We now have people coming from: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, UK & USA. Save $300 when you register by June 30th.

Another 3 registrations today from the UK!! Don’t forget the June 30th deadline for the extra discount!

To answer a couple of FAQs:
*Hopefully things will be a little more normal by the late spring but if the conference ends up having to be cancelled, you will be able to get a refund and it states as much on the bottom of the XDC website.
*The call for speakers will officially go out in August. If you have an idea for a topic already, feel free to reach out to me via email to discuss. If you’re not sure yet if you want to speak, you can always register now to get the discounted price and submit a topic later, we will be able to refund the price difference from what you paid, as speakers do get a 50% discount.

3 more registrations today! Only 5 more days to get the discounted price of $650.

Is the hotel already accepting reservations for the Xojo conference?

They will accept reservations in a couple of weeks. I’ll let everyone know when the link to book a room is available.

What time do the daily sessions start? I might take the train to St Pancras each day if I sign up.

They will start at 9AM.

Please do yourself a favor and get a hotel room.
So you can join us at breakfast times from 8 am and stay with the group for dinner events or at the bar, which often goes till midnight. Don’t waste 2 hours per day for your train ride.

I’ve used Xojo for many years, my first time at XDC is now booked :slight_smile: looking forward to it!

[quote=494000:@Michelle McArdle]Please do yourself a favor and get a hotel room.
So you can join us at breakfast times from 8 am and stay with the group for dinner events or at the bar, which often goes till midnight. Don’t waste 2 hours per day for your train ride.[/quote]

There’s nothing quite like it. Xojo’s community is its strength and you’re going to have a blast! I’ll see you there!

We are so excited to have our first European conference coming up next year. We know that there are many European Xojo users that have never been to one of conferences before that we will likely have many first time attendees in London. Here at Xojo, Inc. we are all already looking forward to London!

Is there a way to book our hotel stays with the discount yet? The current links to the hotel don’t seem to pass in any conference code or id

Original post said hotel discount booking from June I thought but not seen anything as yet.

They wouldn’t let you book until 10 months prior to the event, but I just got the link. Let me test out the process first and then I will share :slight_smile:

Started a new conversation for the hotel booking information here. All of these conference hotels have different booking systems so sometimes it takes a few reservations to work out any issues or complications. Having said that, I just went through the process and it was simple enough. Let me know if there are any questions!

We had a few more registrations come in!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to get the $300 discount on XDC registrations. Contact us with any questions.

3 more registrations, putting the total registered over 40! Last reminder that the $300 discount runs through today only!

I would love to attend but I can’t commit due to having to shield because of this damn virus - the UK is not controlling the situation particularly well so I don’t expect the situation to have improved that much by April next year. One of our major cities going back into lockdown today.

You can still sign up today. If the conference needs to be cancelled, Xojo Inc. promised to refund.