Temp files generated by Xojo IDE

My Windows system is being bogged down by a crazy amount of temp files. As I am using three different version of Xojo IDE, the situation is not getting better.
Many of the development tools I am using generate a fantastic amount temp files that are just laying there. Two of my other tools at least have the courtesy of creating their temp files in clearly named directories that I can delete on a regular basis without any harm.

Boy, do I wish Xojo IDE would do that as well… <https://xojo.com/issue/44121>


You can use a utility like Advanced SystemCare which does a very good job to keep your system running at maximum performance. Your temp files will also be deleted.

What you also can do is deleting this temp files manually.

A good designed application does delete this temp files automatically when they became useless. Its easy to do for a developer.

Did you get an eye where the local help files are stored ?

If not and if you will go there, be prepared to a… SURPRISE !

Worst: Terratec Home Cinema (THC) store the temporary files in a folder (boot hd by default) to let you watch some back minutes of TV (TNT TV / DVB TV)… in many files…

I have to change the folder where it save these because my Boot SSD is only 64GB… It bugged my Xojo use, and had troubles in showing the TV (1 or 2 seconds snowdown).

Two evenings ago, I had to quit THC because it had troubles (too many temporary files ?)*. After reboot, the trouble disappears.

  • I get that trouble when using THC and MICE concurrently. (a two seconds buzz sound) indicating a low memory condition (IMHO).

I am using Sencha JS framework and the compilation tools are producing tons of files. However, they are all nicely located under Sencha\Cmd\ and each to narrow down for deletion.

Periodically I run the command “DEL %TEMP%\. /Q” which seems to work quite well for me whether Xojo is running or not.

Xojo is not the only windows candidate for cleanup either.

My main point with this was that since Xojo is using the format rbxNNNN.tmp for the filenames, it will be increasingly harder and harder for the IDE to find a new temp filename (OK, 65535 files). Running three versions of Xojo on my system and the full set of MBS and Einhugur plugins I currently have about 26000 rbxNNNN.tmp files in the directory. That’s half-way there on the 65535… If they just could keep to a directory based on the IDE version I’d be happy.

I see your point and agree it is not ideal, but that little command cleans up my temp space quite nicely for a number of products including Xojo.

I’m also sure Xojo runs better with a clean temp folder.

You can also use a simple tool like CCleaner, which is free.

Why not make a batch file with Wayne’s command in it and use the Windows Scheduler to run it every so often.

We always launch REAL Studio with a Batch File, so that the Cache-files get deleted (sometimes one gets “weird” behavior if those exist). You could easily add deleting the Temp-files, too.

Here’s an example (needs of course modification to launch Xojo).

[code]@echo off
set cache=C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Real Studio
set exe=C:\Program Files (x86)\REAL Software\Real Studio 2011r3\Real Studio 2011.exe

echo Cache is being deleted…
echo %cache%
del /Q /S “%cache%\.

echo Launching REAL Studio…
START “REALStudio” /B /HIGH “%exe%”[/code]