teamwork with XOJO

Not sure how to ask this - but here’s a shot: if we have someone developing an XOJO project, and if I develop reports (ie reports using BKeeney) in another XOJO project - is there a way the main XOJO project reference the report project, or one project be a module of another project - - or would the report project objects and code have to be cut-pasted into the one monolithic project? Can multiple developers work simultaneously on a single XOJO project?

This should get you started

use valentina adk is the easy way

Depending on the licenses you have, I would recommend working with a repository. You could still import the other project as external code, or you could keep the other project as a separate branch and only add the tested features of it selectively to your main project.
Especially if you have several developers working as a team a repository is a must. It saves you from a lot of troubles and allows you to return to a fail-proven stage at ease.

First of all, thanks for using BKS Shorts. :slight_smile:

If you’re team is not using a source code and version control system like Git or Subversion you really should. This lets you know who did what, when, and why (assuming they’ve added a commit comment). It also makes collisions easier to deal with. On big projects multiple people don’t tend to work on the same objects at the same time with the exception of the project file and those collisions are easy to work with and fix.

We tend to paste from one project to another so that Project A gets Shorts 2.05 even though Project B might have 2.02 and so on. That way if we update Shorts to 2.1 we don’t automatically screw up Project A and B, if that makes sense. It might be several years before Project A and B get an update (i.e. the client is happy with it) so we don’t want to introduce a potential big change by accident. Se we don’t do external project items.