Teaching Kids Coding

There’s a small science museum an easy walk (about 15 minutes) from where I live. I suggested they offer a Xojo class for middle/high school students. They seem somewhat interested.

Here’s’ the question: What sort of project should they work on? I mainly do database stuff, and that’s obviously no place for a total beginner. Any ideas welcome.


A simple game would probably get the most joy, especially something that could be played incrementally as it’s developed.

I’m going through a Swift class and we just did a “whack-a-penguin” project which took just under an hour (probably less in Xojo as this was all about using filters, masks, and SpriteKit).

I would suggest that they start with the basics first. Do the simple projects in the book. Games will keep them most interested, but if they dont understand why it works they will give up in frustration.