TEA5767 FM Radio Module Test Bench

While developing The Comvette Project I wanted to incorporate an FM Stereo Radio. I found an inexpensive module on the internet that sold for about $12. There were many demo programs available written in C and Python but I needed to use Xojo. So after translating the best bits of what I could find on the internet into Xojo code I had a somewhat working program.

But, I was never able to get the radio to perform very well. Given the number of different approaches I saw in all of the demo programs that I downloaded, I started to wonder how correct any of them actually were.

At that point I decided to build a Test Bench program that could be used to exercise the many features of the radio module to try and learn more about how it worked. Armed with my Test Bench program and a very cryptic, 20+ year old engineering spec sheet, I started trying anything and everything I could think of to see how the radio would respond. It soon became clear that most of the demo programs were missing a few crucial items.

For anyone who is interested in how to control hardware connected to a Raspberry Pi via the I2C interface, I’ve posted the TEA5767 Test Bench project source code on my website. It may not be something you need as-is, but you might find parts of the project interesting.

Here’s a link:

The TEA5767 Test bench program.

Just updated the TEA5767 Test Bench and the associated web page to include a wiring diagram.