TCPSockets, Data Transmission, TCP_NODELAY, Oh My!

So I’ve been working with a hardware engineer for several weeks developing a new widget that incorporates an integrated wifi chip from Texas Instruments. We’ve been working through problem after problem with TI’s tech staff, and so far the bits I’ve written in Xojo that perform TCPSocket communication with the device are working perfectly.

We’ve come to the point in our dance with the TI engineers that we need to start mucking with the flags on the sockets on both sides of the connection. For instance, we want to enable TCP_NODELAY on my sockets. Looks like there is no easy way to do this from within Xojo. Is there? Did I miss anything?


– Kimball

TCPSocket.Handle gives you a UNIX socket descriptor on Mac/Linux and a Socket on Windows. On Mac/Linux, you’ll need a declare for setsockopt. Quick Google found me some C++ code here that can give you some hints…

Thanks, Brad.