Taskbar Icon Progress indicator?

At some point in the past, I noticed that the app icon in the Windows Taskbar had a thematic color progress shading if there was a progress bar in your top-most window automatically. However, the 2022r1.1 build of one of my current tools no longer exhibits this behavior.

The only change that I’ve made was to consolidate the naming convention of a prior coder’s work.

Does anyone know if there is a name of a ProgressBar that Windows sees as the default ProgressBar in a window for this to work? Or, do multiple ProgressBars in the same window eliminate this functionality?

You need declares to do this. I’m not sure if there’s an MBS one-liner, but I would love to find out there is.

@William_Yu presented how to do this at an XDC. I’m not sure if the code or video is public, so I’ve just pinged William.

I think it is one of these:



Here’s the link to the code that Tim referenced:


Thanks, William.

Any idea why it worked previously with no added code?

See WindowsTaskbarListMBS class in MBS Xojo Win Plugin and the following methods: