TargetCarbon deprecated

I see in the LR that TargetCarbon is deprecated. So this means at one point the constant will go away. Since Carbon build has already disappeared, that probably is getting closer.

I still want to be able to support Carbon in RubberViews, since it is intended to run in 2013R1 up. I need to have some parts of the code written for Carbon.

I thought about replacing that by a global TargetIsCarbon boolean set in Open this way :

If not TargetWin32 and not TargetCocoa and not TargetLinux then TargetIsCarbon = True end if

Am I overlooking something ?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it going away. The Target68k constant still hasn’t been removed.

Great. Since conditional compilation requires a constant, I just realized a variable could not do anyway. Thank you.

Even if it did go away (or perhaps more relevantly, if one is introduced), you can nest it in an #if block using the RBVersion constant.

#if RBVersion < 2018.01
  #if TargetCarbon