Taking load from the Raspi?

Hooray, my first real world Raspi project starts to work and I can confirm Paul‘s LCD code runs with 2 line displays too.

Currently, I use only this display for showing the current time, driven from a console app that’s basically the GPIO demo project with a few modifications.
But updating the display every second makes the app use 75% CPU which I consider a bit too high. I am not that used to console apps: Do you have any advice how to create a loop that doesn’t each that much?

I tried with a timer, but of course I need a loop to keep the app alive. App.DoEvents (1000) makes it consume 75% CPU.
I tried with gpio.delay (1000) and no timer but the same.

What would be the best solution to make the app less hungry?

is there a command to put the raspi to sleep ?
if yes, then in conjonction with an interrupt every second to wake it up, it should reduce the load.

Ha, forget it!
it was the TightVNCServer putting a lot of additional load on the Raspi that was not showing up in its activity monitor. I restarted without it, and now the load is down to about 0% :wink: