Take a project control and have it available in new projects?

I was a huge fan of OCX files. Being able to add a control with two clicks really helps speed quick prototypes up. Is there a way to “install” these controls so they show up in the library every time a new xojo project is launched? Even better if we can modify the icon to make it stand out.

Maybe use templates:

Don’t know about the icon.

Make a project and add the control classes you want. Save it as a project and always start your new projects from that.

Templates do the trick. I kinda wish “plugins” would have zero compile overhead until they are added to the project in the left pane but I can live with this.


If I recall correctly, you can save the project as default _project or something and then all new projects are based on that.

at least per drag and drop you can add this component file to a new project. see yt video.

Clock Control Use (Full HD)

btw. ocx was a great concept for VB6 and very long-living.