Tailing a File?

Hey Guys,

I searched the forums and I do see a similar thread to this. Apart from the suggest to use RIGHT, there isn’t much feedback … …

My requirement is this … one Xojo desktop application will write to a file (intermittently) and another Xojo desktop application will display the latest (not already displayed) contents of the file in a form control (listbox) in (near)real time.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Ken.

thats not quite the same as tail but …

do either the reader or writer open the file for exclusive access ?
if either does does that affects what the other has to do.

if not and both can write & read at the same time then the reader just reads from where it is until eof of file & plops that into your form periodically and then, because its at the end of file, pauses and waits until there is more data to read some time later.

the writer just writes when it needs to