TagMyCode now supports Xojo



Xojo snippets are scattered around the web in obscure webpages.
This website seems like a good place to put all Xojo snippets in one place.
Also since it has snippets for all other languages, new people will be introduced to Xojo.

Now I know where Mathew Combatti was :wink:

We had that splendid place called Xippets not long ago but it is now inactive.

Why not tagmycode, after all. But the best resource for snippets remain this forum, and the old one : forums.realsoftware.com

Xippets has stuck it’s head above the parapet, but still hasn’t quite crawled out completely yet - I would imagine it won’t be long now :slight_smile:

Radium - do you also go by the name of Simulanics by chance??? :slight_smile:
At exactly the same time as simulanics posted 8 snippets, Radium posted a link to it here in this thread :slight_smile:

Nope, I pasted them at TagMyCode by my own username (Radium)
But credited the snippet creator (simulanics) at the description field.

It’s been just 2 days since Xojo is added to the supported languages.
I will try to find and post all Xojo snippets scattered around the web on TagMyCode.
Because as know already know, the lifetime of most Xojo snippet webpages/websites isn’t very long.

TagMyCode is here to stay.
It has already many plugins for different IDEs (including NetBeans), maybe we will get a Xojo plugin as well soon (Xojo IDE Script anyone?)

Are you the developer of that site?

Nope I’m just a simple user who requested the admin to support Xojo.
I will gladly submit them at TagMyCode
Please send them to:

It is still happening - Most things ported over from the old database and almost ready to launch…

Yep - that’s why I was supporting Xippets, and informing users that it won’t be long now :slight_smile:

Cheers Rich - Yes its rubbish it has taken me so long and I apologise to all those that posted code and then it got hidden away. But it I have kept all code and all user accounts and it will spring back up before too long.

To be honest the toughest part has been keeping the old code and user accounts as the site security, the framework and the database structure has been completely overhauled. It hasn’t been without a massive headache… Anyway, I digress and this is not my thread… Sorry

Unfortunate it does not support syntax coloring. On a similar note, I’d love to see a Xojo module for Pygments.

I asked the developers to support syntax highlighting for Xojo.

I would imagine that somebody in our community would need to write the module and submit it to them.

Should be easy enough to modify an existing VB one

I also, would really appreciate the module for syntax hilighting if anyone has one.
I presume it’s a simple case of colorising the certain words which are reserved by Xojo? Or is there more involved which I am not aware of?


Xojo syntax highlighting enabled!

check the posted snippets again: