tag ViewProperty question

Using version control software, i noticed this in a WebPage code file in the ViewBehavior section:

#tag ViewProperty Name="MailSentFlag" Group="Behavior" Type="Integer" #tag EndViewProperty

MailSentFlag is a Property that I removed from that WebPage. What is the significance of such an entry? Or better, what is the ViewBehavior section?

Am I right in assuming the ViewBehavior section of a code text file lists the order in which items appear in the IDE Navigator, and they are not deleted from that list when the items they reference are deleted?

Xojo’s file formats are deliberately undocumented
Altering them may/can cause your project to become unreadable/corrupted

Ok. I don’t touch them. I just noticed that entry in there when using version control software and was wondering why it was there when that Property no longer exists.

And I assume by your reply that I should not allow Diff/Merge software to edit them.

The IDE may shove them back on or reorder that list when you next open & edit the layout

After reading your latest reply, I confirmed that the orphan ViewBehavior (MailSentFlag) was still in the text file and loaded the project. I then added a Test property and saved. That got rid of the MailSentFlag ViewBehavior stuff. Then I loaded the project and deleted the Test property. That resulted in a ViewBehavior entry for Test remaining. Apparently the ViewBehavior entries remain after the referenced entry is deleted until the next change in the IDE Navigator list.

Until the ViewBehaviour has to be recalculated by the IDE