I have an app window with several labels, text fields and buttons. How are tab stops set for this situation? I would like only certain buttons and controls to be tab stops but all attempts at making this work have failed. How does control level (move forward/backward) enter into this and should labels have a tabindex ?

Labels have a TabIndex… but do not have a TabStop toggle…
TextfFields and buttons have both.

So if you want it to stop there… turn TabStop ON… and adjust the TabIndex to indicate the order you want Tab to walk thru them

Why do Labels have a TabIndex? since it can’t be “used”

For accessibility reasons.

I must be missing something. I have a number of textfield controls that have their tabstop off but they still get focus when you tab. Also, these controls are listed in the View Tab Order dialog even though their tabstop property is off. Same problem for Listboxs on this form. Does layering of controls enter into this in some way - I have all controls on same layer?