Tabs in Safari


I have a button in the app that the function is to send
for the default browser Safari a address.
if I call multiple times the browser not me creating tabs.
Is there any way to create tabs in safari?


showurl("http://user.image,pt/cgi-bin/images?Survey=" + ComboBox13.text + "&position=" + textfield3.text +"&size="+ str(wrr) +","+ str(hrr) + inv +"&rotation=" + str(r) + "&Scaling=" + ComboBox14.text + "&return=jpg&Pixels=" + wrrx + "," + hrry )

I don’t understand what you are asking. If Safari is already opened, each time you press on that button it should open in a new tab by default. Could it be that you somehow have Safari configured to not open new pages in a tab?