Tabs and HtmlViewer

Its possibly to make a web browser with tabs?

Yes. Place your htmlviewer control on a tabpanel & use the NewWindow method to add panels & viewers as required. If you use WebKit as the viewer you can use + Click to trigger the newwindow method.

Yes, but how can i do that? I don’t know the codes, that what i post it.

I made this some years ago.
maybe it helps you.

I created an app on the MAS called ‘Look It Up’ ( which has multiple browsers in multiple tabs. It was designed so you can perform a search once and have it search in multiple sites as once. It sorely needs an upgrade, but it works!

To do it I created an HTMLViewer on a container then embedded that container on the new tab. My problem was how to kill the container when the tab was closed. I now know!