TabPanel and image size

I have a TabPanel with 2 tabs. Both tabs have a ImageWell of the same size.
I also have 2 images, (.jpg), both of which are the same size and are located in a folder. When I load the first image into the first tab it completely fills the ImageWell1. When I load the second image into ImageWell2 the image only fills about 1/2 of the ImageWell from the top left corner. Why is that and how do I get it to fill the entire ImageWell? I’m using Windows 7.

How is this related to Databases ?

Isn’t Windows 7 deprecated by Microsoft ?

Are the images identical?

and different dpi. That is the reason why. Maybe.

The test you forget to do is to load the second image into ImageWell1.

What you also could do is to check with the debugger what happens…

I recently was disturbed because of a space in a file name I do noticed (the extra space) only after 30 minutes of intense searching… and the use of a magnifying glass :frowning:

Last: without sharing code, it is only guesses or bets…

@Emile_Schwarz Yes, you are correct, the sizes were the same but the dpi was different.
and yes, I posted in the wrong category. My bad!

Thank you.