If you have never used tableplus, take a peek. It can even remotely run sqlite3 queries on a remote SHH connection. Was quite impressed i’ve been using sqlitemanager for some years now and stumbled across tableplus recently. It also supports PG etc… Worth a look.

Just a note, if you already know about this tool then please ignore my msg.


I love Huy and TablePlus, but I still prefer SQLiteManager for SQLite. I like the delicious generation of apps more than the flat generation :wink:

For those interested, TablePlus is a growing native mutli-engine database tool. It can connect to MS SQL Server from Mac so I’m a big fan! Really worth looking at if you’re not looking to spend Navicat-sized amounts of money.

i have been using SQLiteManager from SQLabs forever!!!

I believe we already do that with the free version of Valentina Studio on Mac.

Superb! But do you know how to display the indexes? (sqlite, without using a pragma command)

I did not find, apparently it is not possible to get the index list of a click. More seriously, I noticed that when we make a modification of a field, while the database is locked by another program, no error message, but of course the change is not saved.

On Mac, there is really a problem with database manipulation tools, there are plenty of them, but most are very limited, one way or another.