Table Constraints within a MobileScrollableArea


I have a Table in a MobileContainer which is assigned to a MobileScrollableArea. All Left/Right constraints are set to their parent’s Left/Right but the table is remaining at the standard with (320 or so?). I have also tried to constrain the container manually using AddConstraint to various objects, but it either has no effect or crashes.

Does anyone know how this should be done?

Thanks very much for any help


Adding a table to a ScrollableArea is generally a bad idea because both can scroll.

But it is still possible, and I do it regularly when I want to create some sort of mobile pagepanel.

Adding a container to a ScrollableArea will not constrain the container.
You will need to add a few constraints such as horizontal center and width.

Hi Jeremie_L, Thanks very much for the quick reply. I take your point on a scrolling within a scroll, but I think I’m managing it ok. I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks again

Sorted! I was actually calling the Constraint in a Method within the Container, once I moved the Method to the parent Screen, it worked. Thanks again for your help

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