Table cell opening a new view

I have a cell that I can tap on to open a new view. It works well on iPhone, but now on iPad with a split view I get an error that the parent view cannot be determined.
How do I figure out what the parent view is?

The parent view is initially defined by the iPadScreen in the navigator. Mine is set to Content: Split with the main and detail views specified.

In the SelectionChanged event of a MobileTable you can then do something like:

If Self.ParentSplitView <> Nil Then 'iPad
// Parent
Var fleetedit As New UnitEditScreen
// Detail
Var details As New UnitDetailsScreen
Self.ParentSplitView.Detail = details
End If

Add an Else clause to just do the push to the “parent” iPhone screen.

self doesn’t work.
What I ended up doing was tracking each screen that opens in a global property, and then doing App.CurrentDetailView.pushto xyz…

That did work ok.

Wow, you shouldn’t have to do that. What does the debugger say Self is? It should be the mobile screen you’re doing the pushto from. That screen should have a ParentSplitView that is valid.