tab to button on Mac

I have 3 buttons. Shouldn’t I be able to tab from button to button. I can’t. I think it System Prefs Security and Privacy. Under Privacy, I added XOJO to control this computer. Any help would be appreciated.

is System Preferences > Keyboard > Full keyboard access enabled ?

Sys prefs
I set to “All Controls”

I set the Tab order to:
Button1 = Tab 0, tabstop on
Textbox1 = Tab 1, tabstop on
Buitton2 = Tab2, tabstop on

when I do a test run, Tab 0 and 1 get high lighted, but the 3rd item, button2, never get highlighted, I can’t go backwards either, Shift Tab.

What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin’ on here.

I made a test project, interface with 3 buttons, that works. Is the problem the textbook?

The textfield is accepting the tab as typed input. You need to check for chr(9) in the keydown event and handle it there.

if Key = Chr(9) Then //do something, maybe button2.setfocus End If

Edit. added code

But once you followed that road, you cannot set it back (disabled). I do not know the Catalina status on that.

That said, it works fine for those who need that.

Once enabled:
If you use the DVB software (EyeTV), at each run, the behavior fall into Enabled. If disabled, and the TV images are lost, it comes back to enabled… This is the Hell cometh to Earth :frowning:
if you are a pro keyboard shortcuts user…

Nota: EyeTV set that property to disabled on quit.

At last, I saw the focus that flag this enabled mode in books’ screenshots (French and/or US).

link text

Link text for a video ?

Arghhhh! Link to a video not changing the default text…

There is a way to tab to buttons on Mac without asking the user to set System Preferences > Keyboard > Full keyboard.

Put each button on top of a canvas of the same size. Set the canvas with UseFocusRing on, and set the tab order on the canvases. When the user tabs, the FocusRing shows up around the button, pretty much like on Windows. Use the canvas Keydown/Keyup event to simply do Button.Push on the button above.

This isn’t necessary; you can turn off AcceptTabs for the textbox in the inspector. (But it’s set to off by default, so that seems unlikely to be Shawn’s problem.)

Shawn, is it possible you have a keydown handler in the text field? When you can’t reproduce it in a simple project, it’s frequently something in the code.

Whats the setting for AcceptTabs on your textfield ?
if its on you can probably tab into the textfield but not tab out as the text field actually takes the tab and puts it in the text in the tex field