Tab titles disappear on macOS 12.x

Good afternoon (o;

Being a while I used Xojo…but now I have a project for my employer doing a USB data logger.

The main window contains a tab panel with three entries…but when I switch inside Xojo from Window1 to App and back again the tab titles are gone…only when I click in there the titles are coming back.


When switch to App and back to Window1:

Also wonder why on macOS the UI elements are drawn in green instead of the regular blue…

thanks in advance

PS: This is 2021.3 btw…haven’t upgraded yet as I need to prove first that the USB app works (o;

This is a known issue on macOS Monterey. Are you running in this OS?


Yes…macOS 12.x is Monterey (o;

So also same issue with latest Xojo then?

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You can try by yourself in a demo mode.

Good idea to do that until the project (application in the IDE) works.

They’re green because Xojo uses a declare to change the local accent color.

If you select one in system preferences apps can’t override your accent color.

This feedback ? feedback://showreport?report_id=66534

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