Tab Panel Question!


I am new to XOJO and really appreciate the support from the administration, the documentation and materials, and most of all, the eager developers & users who want to maximize the true potential of XOJO.

I have a question regarding a fairly simple OS X application: how do I make it so when you click a Tab Panel button, it actually brings you to the specific form/page that you need? Currently, when I click one of the 4 panel tabs, nothing happens whatsoever. I’m obviously missing some code, but could really use some direction here.

Could anyone please help?

Thanks so much & excuse my ignorance.

For a Tab Panel you don’t need to do anything special. Do you have a Tab Panel or a Page Panel? For the latter you have to manage everything yourself. Can you post screenshots or an example from your project?

Sure, thanks for responding! I tried to upload a picture but I can’t find any sort of local attachment on this forum.

Anyhow, I have a Tab Panel that seems to be uncorrelated to my Window. It is one the controls that is a subset of my Window. I intended it be the main user interface for the Window overall --> but what’s appearing to happen is that I just have 1 window with a few controls on it - and the Tab Panel is unlinked… I can’t figure out how to tag or index it to specific forms so that when I click the first tab, a few forms appear. When I click the 2nd tab, a few other forms appear. And as such we have different “pages”.

I’ll try the Notes Section of

Try for images. Is your Tab Panel completely in the window? When you drag your Tab Panel around in the Window is there a red frame around the window? Like here: .

Yep that’s exactly how my version looks actually. I’m just not sure what the next steps are. The documentation above didn’t seem to solve it - or maybe I’m just not applying it the right way. It seems so simple to implement, you know?

Note the red border of the window. This is showing the parent of the control being added. When you are dragging a control onto the tab panel you should see that light up with the red outline.

The steps are - Drag the tab panel onto your window & size it appropriately. Then after selecting the correct tab drag controls onto the tab panel ensuring the red outline is correct. Repeat for each tab.

Most of us who have been around for a while will create a container that has controls for each panel and drag that onto the tab.

Ah, let me try that ASAP. Really appreciate the help from everyone. Will get back to you on what worked. I think a fresh-mind will help! :slight_smile:

Just fixed another problem with For Loops & List Boxes. I’mg going to test Wayne’s suggestions to the best of my abilities. Will keep everyone posted on what worked. Thanks!

Thanks Wayne, Beatrix, you both helped me. It’s really easy to work with the tab panel - I guess I was too focused on the code. Just like you said, arrange the tab panel area, make sure you see the red outline, and then drag your controls into that tab panel. Done, and done.