Tab Panel on Windows and Linux is not Transparent

Should the TabPanel control be transparent on Windows and Linux as it is on Mac OS? It currently isn’t using Xojo 17r1.1.

On Windows, it never has been. That doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be or couldn’t be.

Replace it by a canvas. It is not very difficult to draw the frame and the label.

Ooof - I totally forgot this discussion and I just got kicked by this one again.

@Michel Bujardet - a combination of PagePanel and Canvas-based tabs is the solution, but there are 5 tabs and over 140 controls involved and copy/paste of TabPanel content is quite “finicky”. … there goes another Sunday …

You can change the class of a TabPanel into a PagePanel.

And you could consider having just one containercontrol on each panel.

That’s one I’d not thought of - thanks, Sam.

That still requires a lot of re-creation since there is a serious issue with copying and pasting groups of controls from a TabPanel to the pages of a PagePanel.

And - 30 seconds later - I’m done! I already had my container-based canvas “tabs” done, so I just had to add the proper ppLTFS page to the mouseup event.

Life saver, Sam! Thanks again.

which one are you referring to??

I create a container with my own “drawn” tabs that I place above the PagePanel.

any chance of showing us the tab??

Like this - it’s the gradient layer above the tape drive info pagepanel below the ToolBar (which is also a canvas/container based control).

the tab look really nice…

Thanks - it’s a container with 5 canvases. The right-most is set to expand (lock left/lock right). The other respond on MouseUp and set the PagePanel.Value appropriately.