Tab Panel but Vertical

Is there a way to get the Desktop Tab Panel to show vertical (on the left tabs) instead of horizontal (on the top tabs).
Perhaps someone has made a class to do this? I would be very interested.

I know there is GitHub - alexrestrepo/RBCustomTabPanel: A Canvas-based tab panel that mimics the tabpanel in the RealBasic IDE by Alexrestrepo but I’m looking for something on the left that looks more like Apple Notes with a list on the left and new panes on the right.

It should be fairly simple to do with a PagePanel placed to the right of whatever you want in order to get the look of the tabs. Perhaps easiest would be a controlset of buttons. They all share the one Action event where you just put

PagePanel1.SelectedPanelIndex = Index

Have a look at Trixis Tabpanels (Xojo + Alfred). There are multiple styles including a vertical one.

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GraffitiTabBar can be vertical.

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Thanks for the help everyone! I’ll look at those suggestions!